When was the last time you thought about how you’re leading your team? I mean really thought about it. Not only your vision for the team’s goals, but how you’re showing up as a leader. If it’s been a while, make intentional leadership a priority for yourself, and watch the great results pile up!

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What does intentional leadership give you (and your team) that regular old reflexive, don’t-think-just-do management doesn’t? Lots of stuff! It’s the difference between being proactive and reactive. Between coming to a meeting with a plan for how you’ll involve your team members and letting things “just happen.” Between setting your agenda and waiting for the next thing to come across your desk.

The Vision “Thing”

As a leader, one of the most valuable things you bring to your team is vision. Both vision of your team’s goals and how they fit within your organization’s goals, as well as vision of what is possible for each of your team members.

When you focus on your leadership vision with intention, several great things start to happen.

Your team gets clearer on what they’re supposed to do.

This is so great because they’re not wasting time on “bring me a rock” exercises. There’s less wasted effort. And when the team can see the results of their hard work in practice, their morale, engagement, and discretionary effort go up, too.

It’s easier to focus on the right things.

Say goodbye to the tyranny of the urgent (or at least “so long for now!”). With intentional leadership, it’s easier to see what’s congruent – and not – with your aims and goals.

You’re a better manager.

If you manage others, those management duties aren’t just nice accessories to what you do…they are what you do. Even if you have other responsibilities. There’s no calling higher in an organization than managing others, and providing clear direction and communicating it is essential.

Your Leadership Brand/How You Show Up

Many of my leadership coaching clients work with me on establishing their leadership brand – how they show up as leaders in an authentic way. Being intentional about the way you show up as a leader, whether you’re working on getting better in the 5 essential leader skills or managing time with your team, delivers great benefits.

You avoid common stumbling blocks.

So many leadership fails can be avoided when you show up intentionally. Are you working on being more curious? You’ll avoid the pitfall of having all the answers. Want to use coaching skills more? You won’t fall victim to overusing positive feedback as easily.

You grow as a leader.

Being aware of and intentional with your leadership style gives you an edge in developing as a leader. My leadership coaching clients who get the best results (including sky-high 360 reviews from their teams) spend lots of time thinking about how they show up as leaders.

In team meetings, they’re aware of how – and how much – they contribute. When they have performance discussions, they practice what they want to say ahead of time to be sure they’re sharing messages in the best way. These conscious choices help them elevate their leadership game.

You’re happier and more fulfilled.

When how you show up at work is aligned with your Principles (what you stand for), you’re more aligned with things that are important to you. And leaders who are aligned (I call them ”true leaders”) are happier and more fulfilled. They’re showing up in a way that’s authentic to them, rather than faking it to conform to a leader archetype, which virtually always backfires.

Intentional leadership means you don’t just leave things to chance and hope for the best. Focus on your leadership vision and how you’re showing up. It’s a surefire way to success!

What’s your best intentional leadership tip? Leave a note in the comments below!