When you’re negotiating your salary, we can help you with tools, skills, and mindset, so you can get more of what you want.

Really understand what’s included in your pay package, including salarybonusstockRSUs, paid time off, relocation, and benefits.
Develop the skills you need to negotiate your package, including negotiation strategy, what to say (and how), and how to end your negotiations so both sides feel great about it (but mostly you).
Prepare for your negotiations by getting into the right mindset and setting aside your assumptions, so you can get more of what you want, and less of what you don’t want.
We help clients negotiate everything from their first job offers to internal promotions to C-suite executive compensation packages, and our salary negotiation coaching services range from a one-hour strategy call to full partnership throughout the entire offer process.

Client Success Stories

My Salary Negotiation Coaching clients get such outstanding results, I wanted to share some of their stories with you. It’s important to note that I don’t share any identifying information to ensure their privacy and confidentiality.

This client was moving from a management role in a consulting practice to an executive role in a small, for-profit company. They weren’t sure what the best source of market data for positions like theirs would be. We looked at base pay, bonus targets, equity, and employment agreement terms for jobs like theirs in companies similar to the one they expected to get an offer from.

Armed with this information, they were able to decide exactly what they wanted to target for base pay, bonus, and equity before they even received an offer. When the offer did come in, they were able to quickly consider it, and confidently negotiate their targets for each pay element.

Bottom line: My client negotiated an 18% increase to the original base pay offer and bonus target amount, plus more favorable terms in their employment agreement to go along with their above-market equity offer.

This client was in the early stages of their career and was excited to have a job offer from their dream company in a different location. When I met them, there were some things in the offer letter and relocation policy that they didn’t understand, and they didn’t know what was appropriate to ask for.

We talked through what to expect from the negotiating process, and I helped them demystify some of the things in the offer letter and practiced what to say so they could negotiate from a place of confidence and get more of what they needed from their new company.

Bottom line: My client avoided a $25,000+ mistake with relocation, plus they increased their initial base, bonus, and equity offer by over 17%.

This client was interviewing for 2 different positions in their current company: the first was a 1-level promotion, and the second was a 2-level promotion. The company offered them the 1-level promotion, with a 16% increase, and gave them the good news. The client was upset about not getting the 2-level promotion, so they told their boss they needed some time to think about it.

We talked through the information they needed to make a case for a bigger increase, and they practiced what they wanted to say to their manager. The next day, they had a calm and rational discussion with their boss, who agreed to check with management to see what was possible.

Bottom line: This client negotiated an impressive 28% promotion increase.

This client was negotiating an offer with a wonderful company, one they’d always hoped to work with. When they received the offer, I helped them assess it and compare it to what they were already making. We talked about the benefits of negotiating and which items they wanted to tackle, and we created a game plan to get after them. They decided to negotiate base pay and sign-on bonus.

The client wasn’t confident they would be able to get the company to increase the base pay —the base offer had already moved significantly higher than what was first discussed over the course of the interview process. But their strategy for asking was based on the higher cost of labor in the new location, and also to make a higher sign-on bonus an attractive alternative for the company if they couldn’t move on base pay.

The future employer wasn’t able to move the base pay higher, but they offered a significant bump in the sign-on bonus.

Bottom line: The new sign-on bonus was a whopping 56% increase (multiple 5-figures) from the original offer.

This client was a senior executive who anticipated a complex negotiation that would cover base, bonus, and equity plus an employment agreement. Since the client had spent most of their career at a single company, they were concerned that they didn’t have enough information about the market or how pay worked in other organizations.

When the client first came to me, we talked about what outcomes they wanted to get from their negotiation. We also discussed market pay for their position, how the negotiation process typically works, and how we could work together to get them the best results. In the negotiation discussion, the person my client was negotiating with let them know that the company was not likely to be able to move the base and bonus to the level that the client asked for, but that they would go back to see what was possible.

The offer that came back was not exactly what we expected, but it was a welcome surprise. My client successfully negotiated a modest (5%) increase to their base pay and bonus, along with a staggering 50% increase to their equity award.

Bottom line: This client’s negotiations netted them more than $120,000 in value.

Salary Negotiation Coaching Packages

I offer several Salary Negotiation Coaching Packages with varying levels of support to help clients at all levels in their organizations negotiate their pay packages confidently and competently.

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