Many of my friends, colleagues, and clients are interested in the tools I use for my business. Here are a few of the ones I use most.


10to8.com is a great scheduling software that I use in my practice (see it in action here). I love 10to8 because it syncs with iCal (and Google & Outlook), and it sends automatic reminders via email or text. And there are tons of features I don’t even use yet!


I use Stripe for accepting credit cards online. Before I got Zoho One up & running, I also used it to invoice clients. It integrates well with WordPress, and plays nicely with other applications, too!

Divi WordPress Theme

I’m a latecomer to Divi from Elegant Themes, but if I could have a do-over, I’d have used Divi from the start. It’s a WordPress theme that makes it easy to edit on the front end (which means you can play around with the content while it looks like it’s going to look for your users). Yes!


I learned about this nifty application from a coach at the Small Business Development Center. It tracks you mileage automatically, so all you need to do is categorize your drive as business or personal. Mileage can really add up!


When you need to store video and have it play back without long load times, Vimeo is the best. They even make it easy to add cover images and to set security for your videos.


There are some things that are just easier when you can write them by hand, but I like to have electronic copies, too. What to do? I love to take notes on my iPad using Penultimate (which automatically loads up your notes to Evernote, too). 

PhotoScape X

PhotoScape X is a photo editor even I can use! It’s great for cropping, resizing, re-coloring, and all sorts of stuff. You can even overlay text & basic shapes to photos. (And yes, I use the free version!)


I purchased OptimizePress to help me make pretty opt-in forms. What I didn’t expect was the membership software (OptimizeMember) that comes free with the program. It’s great for restricting pages on your website to members — I use it for my online classes.


Evernote has been a game-changer for me! I have it on my computer, tablet, and phone, so whenever I get an idea or see an article I’d like to read, I can save it to Evernote & get to it when it’s convenient. It also has a cool integration with Penultimate (see above).

Zoho One

Zoho One is my business software that I use for everything from contact management, to designing & sending newsletters, to invoicing, to surveys, to videoconferencing. It does tons of stuff I’m not even using yet, too!


These are professional organizations I’m certified with, am a member of, and/or simply like.

ICF Oregon

I’m on the board of the Oregon chapter of the International Coach Federation, and we have a cool pro bono coaching initiative for nonprofit leaders you should check out!

Co-Active Training Institute

I got my coach training through CTI, and it’s powerful stuff!


I’ve been a Certified Compensation Professional through W@W for more than 20 years (gulp!). It’s a great place to learn more about total rewards. You know you want to!

Women's Center for Leadership

A great networking group in Portland with terrific speakers & workshops. Love!

Ladies Get Paid

This nonprofit helps women negotiate for equal pay, and power in the workplace. I’ve spoken at their events, and give advice on their Slack channel.


These are my two favorite dogs (since my kids won’t let me post their photos).





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