One of the biggest ways you can impact the performance of your team when you’re a leader is recognition and celebration of team results. But you don’t have to be a leader to make a splash. When you celebrate and appreciate, it can have a huge impact on your team’s results regardless of where you are on the organization chart.

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Do it for your colleagues

Chances are pretty good that your teammates could use a little extra boost in the recognition and celebration department. Even if your boss does a great job of prioritizing celebration, the recognition you get from your colleagues is practically always a good thing.

Be sure to say something when a teammate goes above and beyond the call of duty, or when you see them reaching a tough goal. As a colleague, you’re in a position to notice things that your boss may not be, and recognizing awesome stuff in the moment can be very powerful. (For you and for them!)

Do it for your boss

Your boss? Really? Yes, really! But not in a kiss-up-y way.

If something your boss is doing (leading meetings, performance reviews, recruiting, organizing or delegating) really works for you, tell them! They might not know if you don’t say anything. And besides, you want to reinforce those behaviors that you like, don’t you?

Do it for yourself

I’ve often heard from people that recognition and celebration are meaningless unless they come from others. That’s simply not true!

And while it’s really awesome to be appreciated by your boss, waiting around for someone else to celebrate your wins and accomplishments is no fun.

Whether you’re working to adopt new habits or just getting awesome stuff done, taking time to reflect on what was awesome (and celebrating it) is something you can – and should – do for yourself, regardless of what others are doing.

Being a role model for recognition and celebration influences up, down, and across in the organization. Why not hit all 3? Tell us your favorite recognition and celebration tip in the comments below!