When you truly want to deliver your very best performance, whether it’s on the playing field or at work, partnering with a coach can be your best bet. Leadership development coaching, in particular, can help you as you strive for next level performance.

I’m going to go through the top tips from my last post (5 Ways to Set Yourself Up for Peak Performance), and show you how coaching can help you take these tips to the next level.

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1. Clarify your goals.

Sure, it’s easy to write a bunch of goals on a piece of paper. But are they the right ones? How do they serve you? Are they aligned with what you stand for? Will they allow you to use your superpowers and deliver next level performance?

Partnering with a leadership development coach can help you narrow in on what’s really important over the long term. And your coach can help you identify what might be most effective and what’s most fulfilling and meaningful. To you.

2. Zero in on your growth and development.

Leadership development coaching is the most personalized development experience you can have. Because you set the agenda – for every coaching session – you can laser in on what’s most important to grow and develop in that moment.

Having a partner who is focused on you and your success (not the organization you work with or your peers or anyone or anything else) makes it easier to focus, too.

3. Show up the way you want to.

Many of my leadership development coaching clients (and lots of my salary negotiation coaching clients, too!) are actively developing executive presence. But trying to do that without a sounding board is nearly impossible.

By actively listening and coaching you over time, your coach can also help you identify how you might be unconsciously holding yourself back. Or getting in your own way. That’s huge.

4. Be intentional about your work-life transitions.

Working on your work-life transition habits and practices can be an emotional minefield, especially if you’re including your spouse or partner in some of your brainstorming.

This is where having someone who is completely in your corner – but has no stake in the decision – can help you explore more emotionally-charged topics.

5. Take time to reflect and renew.

The act of coaching is itself reflective and contemplative. Taking time to do this work with a coach can have a profound effect on your performance over time. It certainly has for me!

What about you…do you have a leadership development coach helping you get to next level performance? Are you looking for one? Check out my Leadership Coaching Manifesto to see if what I believe is a match for what you need.