Working on a proposal this week gave me the opportunity to reflect on my philosophy of leadership coaching. It’s no surprise that I’m super-passionate about this topic — is “manifesto” too strong of a word? Nah!

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I believe that…

Authentic Leadership Works Best

  • The best leaders are authentic and true to themselves. Great leaders use their own diverse and unique styles to get the best results from their teams — there’s no single “right” way to lead. I offer my coaching clients the perspective they need to be both authentic and effective in their organizations.

Self-Awareness is the Foundation for Development

  • The foundation for leadership development is self-awareness, so I provide my clients with a self-paced online learning experience designed to help them understand their unique combination of Principles (what they stand for) and Superpowers (what they’re great at) to create their authentic Personal Brand (how they want to be known).

Every Leader Needs 5 Key Strengths

You Own Your Development

  • Leaders who design their own development plans are more invested in them, complete them faster, and accomplish more than leaders whose plans are made for them, so I provide guidance and resources so they can do just that.

Connecting with the Right Coach is Essential

  • Effective leadership coaching requires business knowledge, compassion, and holding clients accountable to their goals — and my clients’ results (stronger performance and 360 reviews, promotions, better work-life balance, higher confidence, and greater impact) speak for themselves.

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