I see a lot of people working hard in their personal lives at getting more joy, gratitude, and abundance. Which is AWESOME. But why limit it to your personal life? What is possible when joy, gratitude, and abundance come to work with you?

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Hearing a baby laughing, watching your dog play, smelling freshly-baked cookies, can all bring a sense of delight. But those are most likely to happen away from work rather than at work. What can bring joy there, especially when you’re having a rough time of it? Try stacking up some micro-joy at work by seeing things that light you up, getting outside, and being a little silly.

Make sure you have images that make you smile – of your favorite people, places, and things – where you can catch glimpses of them during the workday. My favorite “glimpse-catchers” are my phone & computer screen savers, bulletin boards, on my desk, and inside a notebook.

You can also change your environment at work, even temporarily. It’s great to get more light, and to get outside if you can. (Ever have a walking meeting? They’re great!)

Play, acting silly, or elsewise being a goofball, can bring you joy, too. Share your kid’s favorite knock-knock joke, wear silly socks, or waltz down the hall, and give yourself a dose of joy.


Gratitude at work can sometimes feel a little awkward. But as more and more people practice thankfulness in the workplace, it makes it SO much nicer to be at work! And it’s a huge part of compassion, a key leadership skill.

Should I thank someone for doing the job that their employer already pays for? (Yes. Full stop.)

Is it super-weird to write a thank you note at work? (No. But it is rare, and it’ll help you stand out. If it’s consistent with your personal brand — who you want to be seen as at work — go for it!)

Is it dumb to write about work stuff in my gratitude journal? (Absolutely not. But don’t force it. Forcing it is dumb.)


Scarcity, rather than abundance, is the norm at work. We never seem to have enough time, resources, or even patience to accomplish what we’d like to. How, then, to bring abundance into the work environment? The best place to start is a mindset shift.

One of my favorite sayings is, “you can do anything, you just can’t do everything.” Bringing focus and intention to your work can free you to do anything (abundance thinking).

Competition, a la Highlander (“there can be only one!”) is the ultimate scarcity thinking. By encouraging collaboration and shared goals, it’s possible for your entire team to succeed. At the same time. Yes!

Need more joy, gratitude, and abundance at work? What will be your first step to getting it? Tell us in the comments below!