When my leadership coaching clients wanted to learn more about themselves, I designed some worksheets and exercises to help them develop self-awareness and their personal brands. And it snowballed.

Pretty soon, I was teaching leaders how to get more of what they wanted (and less of what they didn’t) at speaking engagements and workshops. And it all starts with personal branding.

Now, I’ve developed an online course that combines with private coaching, group strategy calls, and, of course, worksheets. This program is the True You: Accelerator Pack.

What if you could show up the way you want to, align your life with what matters to you, show what you’re great at, and develop the confidence you’ve always wanted? Enroll in the True You: Accelerator Pack and DO IT! Click To Tweet

The Accelerator Pack will help you:

Show up the way you want to . . . at work and at home.

Your Personal Brand gives YOU the power to decide how you want to be seen in all aspects of your life, from interviews, to meetings, to discussions with friends.

Align your life with what really matters. To YOU.

When you know what you stand for, you can pick people, organizations, and situations that resonate with your values and principles. And when you’re aligned, you’re more fulfilled.

Know what you’re great at – and show it to your best advantage.

Knowing not just what your strengths and abilities are, but how to position them (and when they DON’T serve you) can make a HUGE difference in how people see you.

Develop the confidence and presence you’ve always wanted.

People can tell when you know yourself better and can talk about who you are and what matters to you. Knowing your authentic self increases your confidence, and allows you to step into your leadership presence.

We’re just finishing up our first True You: Accelerator Pack, and it’s been AWESOME! Want to be on the list for the next time we offer it? Send me an email!