I’m in Asheville, NC this week for a mastermind group, and it’s SO awesome!

What is a mastermind, you ask?

Simply put, it’s a group of sort-of like-minded people who gather together with a shared purpose and help each other solve problems. My mastermind is a group of (mostly) women entrepreneurs who run their businesses with a focus on connecting with our clients on a deeper level.

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I love coming to Asheville once a quarter to work on my business and myself! Here are the top 3 reasons:

  • Community
  • Development
  • Collaboration


Since many entrepreneurs are solo practitioners, having a sense of community and belonging can be a rare thing. Masterminds, like the one I participate in, are a great place to meet up with folks who are in similar situations, and who face similar challenges and triumphs.

We share best practices, our favorite apps and systems solutions, as well as stories of our successes (and things that haven’t worked the way we’ve planned).

I mean, who, besides another entrepreneur, can appreciate the delight of putting an automated invoicing system in place? Or landing a first client? Our shared experiences help us build a strong community.


Another common practice in masterminds is to provide development opportunities so members can learn new things.

Mine focuses on both the tactics and emotional perspective of running successful businesses, and while I have an MBA, there’s a “been there; done that” practical side of the things I’m learning in my mastermind that I haven’t found anywhere else.

Setting aside 3 days every quarter to learn, reflect, and reset my mindset has been invaluable as I’ve built my business.


Another feature of masterminds is the opportunity to use the power of the collective to solve individual problems.

In my mastermind, we take a half day of every retreat to gather in small groups, present our challenges, and get tips on how to tackle them from our peers. Getting diverse perspectives from entrepreneurs who run businesses that range from corporate innovation consulting, to yoga studios, to musicians, to tour guides can be highly productive.

And knowing there’s a group of people who really want you (and your business) to flourish…that’s priceless.

Have you participated in a mastermind? Or would you like to? Let us know in the comments below.