My little dog, Jeffrey, has a pretty great life. While he doesn’t exactly smile, it’s easy to tell he enjoys himself every day, and almost all the time. Living with and observing him for the past 6 years, I’ve learned a lot of great life lessons from Jeffrey!

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Take care of yourself

Jeffrey’s self-care is both consistent and instinctive. He does a great job of getting enough sleep every day, he eats only when he’s hungry, and exercise is key to his good moods. Such an excellent routine helps give Jeffrey the energy of a dog half his age (although we’re not exactly sure how old that is).

Make friends easily

Once he figures out that a person (or animal) isn’t trying to attack our home or anyone in it, Jeffrey’s pretty thrilled to meet new folks. As a result, he cuts out a lot of back and forth, and he can start having fun with his new friends almost immediately.

Keep a sense of wonder and excitement

My dog loves new things, like when we go somewhere new or he gets a special toy. He’s also excited to see his old favorites (like the sloth with the arm that’s almost gnawed off) when he rediscovers them after a long sojourn under the bed. This attitude gives Jeffrey almost limitless opportunities to be thrilled every day.

Don’t be afraid to show people you appreciate them

When he likes someone, Jeffrey doesn’t hesitate to show it. His elaborate twirling, jumping “you’re home!” dance shows me that he’s so very ultra-happy to see me. It gets me right in the feels to know that I’m so dear to him. Of course, showing your appreciation for a friend or colleague with a thank you note or a sincere expression of gratitude might work even better than a freakout dance.

The UPS delivery people are GOING TO DO SOMETHING BAD, OMG!

Okay, you can ignore that last one. Delivery people are awesome, especially at the holidays, regardless of what Jeffrey thinks!

What great life lessons have you learned from your pet? Give us your tips in the comments below!