Your best year yet. That sounds exciting, doesn’t it?

Want in? Here’s my 5-step plan for setting yourself up for success this year:

  1. Look Back
  2. Jettison the Junk
  3. Set Your Goals
  4. Make New Habits
  5. Celebrate Along the Way
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Look back

One of the most valuable things you can do as you step into the new year is to reflect on the previous one. It’s that whole, “those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it,” thing. What went well or didn’t, and why? What lessons did you learn?

Jettison the junk

When you think about what success looks like to you, also consider what’s holding you back. Do you have any limiting beliefs that don’t serve you (like, “I suck at public speaking,” or “I can’t ever stick to an exercise plan”)? Or a saboteur voice in your head? Kick those to the curb!

Try using the phrase, “Until now, I hadn’t/didn’t/never…” and fill it in with what you’re planning to do (e.g. ice skate, garden, run a marathon, write a newsletter). You’ll find the shift in mindset could really help.

If you’ve got bad habits, tools that don’t work, surroundings that don’t inspire you, make changes there, too. Set yourself up for success!

Set Your Goals

I’m a huge fan of planning & checklists. Setting your big goals for the year is the first step! What do you want to accomplish this year in your work life, your personal life, in your community, and at home?

Clear the decks and take the time to figure out some intermediate steps (yay, checklists!), and pencil out which quarter of the year you’d like to complete them.

Be specific, too – “I want to be healthy!” doesn’t necessarily give you anything actionable to do. What does “healthy” look like to you? “I will eat a keto diet,” could fit the bill.

Make New Habits

If you can establish habits that serve you well, it can pay off big-time when you get to the end of the year.

For example, I encourage my leadership coaching clients to reflect on their weeks with a process I call “The Weekender,” every Friday afternoon (I do this, too!). It takes less than 30 minutes, yet it provides focus, clarity, and insights that would be impossible to get if they did it less often or with less structure.

Your new habits might be around lifestyle, business, or something else, but in any case, make it as easy as possible on yourself as you’re adopting them.

Celebrate Along the Way

High achievers can often skip this step, but it’s super-important. Our brains need positive reinforcement to help us feel great about any change or achievement we’re making. And I’m not just talking about celebrating gigantic milestones; taking time to recognize smaller wins is possibly even more essential.

How will you make this your best year yet? Let us know in the comments below!