Why are we a

B Corp?

Lots of reasons! Number one is that B Corp Certification is the worldwide standard for companies concerned with social justice, environmental impact, and governance excellence.

We live those values, and we want our clients and community to know it.


Social justice is at the core of what we do. When we design rewards systems, we encourage our clients to adopt anti-oppressive pay practices (like pay transparency and pay equity). Most of our individual clients are women, people of color, from the LGBTQIA+ community, or a combination. Our work centers and empowers them.

The ultimate goal is to reduce systemic bias in organizations and increase generational wealth for folks with identities that have been historically marginalized.


While we don’t have the same opportunity to have a positive impact on the environment as our B Corp manufacturing siblings, we do track (and continuously improve) as well as offset our impact.


Our Standard Operating Procedures, which prioritize regenerative relationships with our clients, community, and the environment, are part of our Articles of Incorporation. And we’re committed to reinvesting 100% of our surplus into purpose: either purpose-oriented nonprofits (like College Possible and WeTheChange), or into the business itself. It’s simply how we do things.



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