Customer Feedback

“The True Leadership Workshop is an amazing opportunity to explore leadership capabilities and ideas where you can focus to improve leadership presence. The work is tangible and real, making it such a great way to go forward and strengthen/grow your leadership muscle!”

Janet N.

“The True Leadership Workshop is a positive and practical journey of self-reflection and exploration to discover what is important to you and what superpowers you bring to your leadership brand. I recommend this workshop to all leaders, but especially those who are new to leading teams, or those who have lost their way a bit and want to get re-grounded.”

Tiffany H.

“I recommend the True Leadership Workshop to everyone, especially if you’re a recent graduate. This workshop can benefit people no matter where they are in their career.” 

Gaby S.

“The True Leadership Workshop is the first leadership development course I’ve taken that is rooted in positivity/abundance and personal values. You walk away with a meaningful brand statement; something I have struggled with for years. Thank you for putting together a thoughtful and valuable class!” 

Karen D.