Money Mindset Reset


Your Ultimate Mindset-Hacking, New-Reality-Creating, Bad-Attitude-Shattering, Financial-Truth-Telling, Self-Discovery Program


Any of these sound familiar?

  • You don't know what you don't know about money
  • You're embarrassed about your wealth
  • You make money decisions based on fear
  • You're worried about asking for more
  • You feel defined by your family history around money
  • You don't know what your financial future looks like
  • You work for money, and you want your money to work for you

If any of these ring true (and you may have a few more of your own!), don’t worry – you’re not alone. The sole purpose of this masterclass is to help you break through your challenges and start achieving your money goals (without having to sell out to do it).


Now You Can Reshape and Redefine Your Relationship With Money









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The Center Experience


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Money Mindset Reset Workbook


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One-on-One Coaching

Gain CLARITY to make deep and lasting personal transformation with The Center Experience.

This breakthrough neuroscience-based online tool helps you create and experience your new reality in only 10 minutes a day.

LEARN and CONNECT with other women on our weekly members-only Mastermind Meetups.

To turbocharge your progress, you’ll get 5 weekly virtual mastermind sessions for Reset Members only. You’ll learn from money and mindset experts, and you’ll capture the wisdom of the group.

ACCELERATE your learning with a custom-designed Money Mindset Reset workbook.

You’ll get expert-developed worksheets and exercises that give you the tools you need to dig deep and reset.

As a BONUS, you’ll get the Resource Reference Guide.

This curated list of the best books, articles, podcasts, interviews, and other cool stuff focuses on the nuts and bolts of executing YOUR financial vision.

And an EXTRA-SPECIAL BONUS for the first 20 sign-ups…

If you’re one of the first 20 people to sign up, you’ll set your own agenda for your one-on-one private coaching session with expert coach and money maven Kate Dixon or mindset guru Lisa Arie.

When you reset your mindset about money…

You can be in control of your money.

Not the other way around.

Here’s the real question…

When you’re 80 years old, will you regret not conquering your money issues?

Q: Who is the Money Mindset Reset for?

The Money Mindset Reset is for any woman looking to take control of her relationship with money, whether it’s around pay, pricing, investing, financing, or something else.

Q: What makes the Money Mindset Reset different from other personal finance classes?

This is not a skills training program. The Reset goes to the heart of why we make the financial choices we do: our values and our motivations. When we’re clear about what we stand for and what our goals are, money shifts into its proper place as a tool in our lives.

Q: How much time will I need to dedicate to the program?

You’ll want to plan on about 10 minutes a day for the Center Experience (5 minutes in the morning and 5 in the evening; Saturdays are off). We’ll also have 5 weekly group sessions (90 minutes each), and if you’re one of the first 20 enrollees, you’ll also get a 50-minute private coaching session.

Q: I’m not sure I’m ready. Should I do it anyway?

If you’re not really ready to see big changes in your life, it’s not a great idea to tackle a program like this. But if the thought of getting after your money goals gets you pumped up, we’d love for you to join us!

Q: Is it too late for me?

Absolutely not! You can reset your money mindset at any time!

Q: Why is the Reset just for women?

Because of the way we’re socialized, women’s relationships with money are fundamentally different from men’s. We want to create a safe space for women to step into their power with money (and avoid any man-splaining).

Q: What value do I get for my investment in this masterclass?

You’ll use a super-cool, neuroscience-based, proven tools, plus get expert-designed, money mindset training, plus facilitated mastermind experiences, and custom-developed tools to help you shift your mindset and get a head start on achieving your goals. We believe this workshop is one of the best investments you can make in yourself and your financial future.

Q: If I don’t sign up now, when will the workshop be available again?

Right now, we don’t have plans to offer the Money Mindset Reset again. We created this as an exclusive offer to give people that leg up they’ve been looking for with super-special pricing to make it easy.

Q: What technology do I need to participate?

We’ll have our weekly Mastermind Meetups on Zoom, and you’ll access the Center Experience on the web.

Q: What if I have more questions?

Just drop us a note, and we’ll be happy to jump on a call!


Are You Right for the Money Mindset Reset?


  • You want a proven method to align your money goals with your values and outlook.
  • You're willing to go deep and work hard to learn about yourself.
  • You want to live a more fulfilling and richer life.


  • You think someone else holds the keys to realize your financial goals.
  • You believe in "magic pills." (This stuff isn't easy, but it works!)
  • You're not ready to change your life for the better. Massively.


Lisa Arie



Hi! I’m Lisa…

I’m the co-founder and CEO of Vista Caballo, hailed as one of the most innovative human and leadership development programs in the world. I started my first companies with $5K I borrowed from my parents which I turned into two multi-million dollar companies before I started Vista Caballo. I’m a Creative All-Star, my company is certified B Corp recognized as Best for the World for 5 consecutive years, and Fast Company Magazine called me the “CEO Whisperer”. I teach Vista Caballo proprietary methodology to open minded leaders around the world who power their people to solve their company’s most daunting problems in accelerated time frames. 

And I’m Kate…

I’m an author, consultant, and coach, and I’ve helped individuals and companies figure out money matters for decades. My specialties are pay and pricing, and I’ve worked with Nike, Intel, American Express, Mercari, and Northwest Housing Alternatives, and coached leaders at all levels from supervisors to CEOs. I’m a certified professional coach, I sit on the Forbes Coaches Council, and I’ve been a certified compensation professional for over 20 years.

We hope you’ll join us! We’re already excited about what is possible for you!


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Here’s our promise to you…

The Money Mindset Reset changes lives. You’ll learn how to reset your money mindset, heal your relationship with money, and discover what’s holding you back from reaching your money goals to start living the life you were meant to live.



Money Mindset Reset Real Worth

So. The legalese.

We give advice and counsel, combined with opinions, notions, and hypotheses, gathered from many years of experience. That said, none of what we say, write, teach, or believe should substitute for your own judgement and/or good sense.

Coaching is a partnership between people focused on the same goal. You want to achieve an objective; we want it for you. You’re busy getting things done; we’re busy helping you see your way through. It isn’t therapy, and it’s not consulting. All of our coaching, workshops, and courses are meant to benefit the people who are working directly with us. We hope you’ll send your great energy into the world, but not our materials.

While some of the work we do with clients can seem like magic, it really isn’t. It’s the combination of our clients’ motivation, hard work, and dedication, plus a good bit of perspective coming from us, the coaches and instructors. We do not guarantee your outcomes or results if you use our tools or follow our strategies. It’s really up to you, and how (and when and how hard) you choose to apply what you learn.

That said, we want you to be happy — really happy — with our products and services. If something’s not working for you please let us know right away.

Make sense?

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